Hair is undoubtedly one of the most important component of facial aestechtic. Throughout the ages hair has been defined as the symbol of health, power, beauty and attraction. Samson who is the hero takes all the power of mythology from her hair,  famous fairy tale hero of German literature with her long hair Rapunzel , with her legendary black hair the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, can be regarded as the reflection of this concept.

The loss of hair which has such powerful meanings and the unpreventable hair fall  leads sadness to the men as weel as women. While the researches show that people are psychologically and emotionally affected by hair loss, it is a fact that comments such as ‘the youth period is over, looking older, being not attractive anymore’ are also a source of unhappiness.

We know that this can happen to everyone. Sometimes genetic, sometimes because of a many different reasons, women and  men can lose their hair. Hair loss, starting with a few strand, can go the baldness.

Although we can not prevent this, it is always in our power to be look like as we want with our dense, bush and natural hair. Thanks to the developing medical technologies, we know that hair transplantation is the most effective treatment method any more.

Hair surgeon which was performed for the first time by Japanese dermatologists in 1930 and 1939, made significant developments from the second half of the 1900’s to the these days. In 1959, Dermatologist Dr. Orentreich had a changeover with the suggesting of the concepts of “donor dominance” and “receiver dominance” which will become the center of modern hair surgeons in these days.

Continuation of this process; successful and permanent results of hair transplantation has been lead with development of professional equipments and becoming widespread applications. When we say the hair transplantation with the latest technology, two technique comes into mind. These are FUE and DHI methods.

  • FUE which is the contraction of ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ is the method having the latest technology developed by modern medicine in hair transplantation.
  • DHI technique which has the first letter of ‘Direct Hair Implant’ is the other prefered method ensuring fast healing period and natural apperance.

Two of the most effective methods from the application phase to the healing process are FUE and DHI; ensure hair implamantation without cut, suture and wound. Nowadays experienced doctors specialized in this field like Dr. Serdar Çağlayan are making important studies to develop new techniques such as FUE and DHI. Reliable centers like our clinic also play an active role in benefiting more people from these methods.

Hair Transplantation in 3 Steps

  • step 1 - What is hair transplantation?
    Preparation Stage

    Before the person who wants to make hair transplantation decide on the operation, the specialist doctor examines the scalp and finds the factors that cause hair loss. After finding  the factor and factors that cause hair loss, there may be a procedure to follow. If there is an implementation that needs to be done to remove these factors, priority can be given to them.

    If hair transplantation operation has been decided after the examination related to hair loss; factors such as hair type, strand thickness and donor frequency are examined and evaluated. At this stage, baldness level of men and women is analyzed, and effective and efficient treatment method is determined to prevent possible hair loss risk in the future.

    There is one more step in which aesthetic appearance is determined before applying to transplantation process. At this stage, private factors such as the hair structure, hair direction , hair line are examined before the shortening hair for the operation , and the plan to be followed during the application is made and the transplantation stage starts.

  • step 2 1 - What is hair transplantation?
    Starting the Operation

    After the pre- examinations for transplantation have been completed and the determination of convenience for the hair transplantation has been made, the process can be applied. During the transplantation period, the person to whom hair transplantation will be applied called as “donor dominant” hair is taken from the side and back of the head.  The hair in these regions never falls and continues to grow throughout the life. As the genes this function of them continues after transplantation.

    The process begins with reducing of hair to a very short level. Thanks to Local anesthesia or sedation method applied to hair transplantation enables the operation to be performed painlessly and indolent.

  • step 3 1 - What is hair transplantation?
    Ending the Operation

    The transplantation process is a stage which must be performed captiously and carefully. The care and sensitivity at this stage during the implementation of hair bulbs will also play a determining role in growing the hair in future as aesthetics.

    After the hair removed from the donor area by the specialist surgeon is placed one by one in the transplantation area, the operation process is completed. Hair transplantation process is finished as the area is cleaned with a special solution.

If you want to have detailed information for hair transplantation period according to the applied technique you can visit our pages FUE Technology and DHI Direct Hair Transplantation.