Scar treatment is one of the great innovations that modern medicine offers us. Because of the various mishaps that arise such as surgery, or if the skin integrity is broken, the wound or burns that can be in our body may be permanently scar on the skin after healing. This scar can be in the size of the formed worn with different color tones.

Scars can not be removed with medication or cosmetic products as an aesthetic defect that does not have good apperance  in the body. The tissue in this area is inanimate and regeneration is not possible. But this does not mean that the scars can not be removed. Nowadays, it is possible to completely remove scars with the developed technological possibilities and developments in the medical field.

svf kok hucre yara izi tedavisi 1200x600 - SVF Stemcell Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment with SVF technique

The newest and most effective method to remove scars from the scene; SVF. In the SVF technique called as Stromal Vasculature Fraction, lipoaspiration technique utilizes the subcutaneous fat tissue of a person. Subcutaneous fat tissue (adipose tissue) is the places where our stem cells are mostly found in our bodies. For the application of this method, special treatments are applied in the laboratory environment and a fluid is obtained. The name of this liquid is SVF. This fluid is enriched from the stem cell line and contains restorative cells together with living root cells in highly content. The obtained content is injected into the area to be treated, and the scar is naturally repaired.