amelyatsiz estetik 2 - Non-Operative Aesthetic

Nowadays it is possible to have the desired aesthetic appereance with non-operative aesthetic applications. New innovations in face and body aesthetics based on technological developments have made it possible to take advantage from aesthetic applications without a surgical operation. Thanks to these techniques, operations can be performed without any cuts or scars on the body.

For a healthy and aesthetic appearance, the most important principle is that these applications are performed by a specialist doctor and a dermatologist.

Non-operative Aesthetic operations are generally the elimination of various deformations that are on the face and body, and the changing an unfavorable feature on the body or in the face without using a knife. In some of these applications as technological devices appropriate to the operation can be used, and in some operations, only the special chemicals and natural components required for application are used.

Many of the non-operative aesthetic operations target to have anti-aging effect or to remove the appearance of signs caused by aging. These are defined as “anti-aging” practices; there are methods such as botox, lifting, artecoll, hyaluronic acid, newfill, mesotherapy, PRP treatment. In addition to these, there are many techniques used against skin stop, color tone disorders, wrinkles, fat localizations.

All these techniques are the techniques that should be performed under control of specialist plastic surgeons and aestheticians with reliable equipments. If you want to apply to any of these applications, you must make your decision with contacting with a specialist doctor in his field.

It is adequate to contact with our specialist to have information about performed non-operative aesthetic operations and ask for prices.