Body aesthetic is an important issue like facial aesthetic. Concerns about health and aesthetic appearance can be met with body shaping operations. When it is necessary to intervene in the external appearance of your body, it is possible to ask for changes in various regions as well as in facial aesthetics. Today, thanks to modern technology, the plastic surgery operations that are highly developed can make changes in desired region as required.

Considering the advice and notices of your doctor before and after body shaping operations under general anesthesia is of great importance for having the desired the results.

Breast Augmentation

The small chest problem, which causes many women not to like themselves physically, can be solved very easily with plastic surgery operations. With breast augmentation operation, the breast structure can be reshaped and enlarged. In practice, small breasts can be enlarged by giving a natural appearance while implanting prosthesis with operations performed on nipple, underarm, inframammary and belly.

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Breast Reduction

Although the small chest is commonly encountered as aesthetic problem, the large chest can sometimes effect negatively muscle and skeletal health and sometimes it can cause an unfavorable appearance due to its excessive size. In this context, large breasts that are not compatible with the weight and height ratio of the body can be reduced by aesthetic operations. There is not any wound or scar after operation which has been performed with  current techniques.

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Abdominal Lifting

Depending on  getting overweight or losing overweight  abdominal lifting operation is recommended for deformation in the abdominal region. It is possible for women to get rid of losing the elasticity in the skin of the abdomen after birth, deformation and ptotis due to weight, and lifting in unwanted situations such as fat deposit in the abdomen and belly  region in connection with age and weight in males. Liposuction may also be applied if it is required after application.

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Liposuction is one of the most frequently used and highly successful techniques in body aesthetics after millenium period. In this application, excessive oil that is localized at a specific point of the body is removed by vacuum and the body is reshaped. In this application, the target is to reshape the body than losing weight . Liposuction, which is preferred as a method for getting rid of  dietary and excretory fat depot resistant to dietary and exercise, is a method which gives effective results for men as well as women for skin elasticity.

All of these operations, performed by a specialist surgeon, an experienced health care team and a well-equipped health facility, are applications that  make permanent changes in your physical features. For this reason, you should always consult to your doctor from the decision-making process and get comprehensive information about all procedures and applications.

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