In addition to our center in Istanbul, our Specialist personnel who are working in Germany, the Netherlands, Macedonia and the United States, lead our team with their know-how and experience. Meet with Specialist personnel:


dr serdar caglayan 1 541x722 - Our Team
Dr. Serdar Çağlayan


dr johannes mueller steinmann 541x722 - Our Team
Dr. Johannes Müller-Steinmann


doktor erkek 600x799 - Our Team
Dr. Stefan Talev

General Surgery

ayoub sayeg 541x722 - Our Team
Dr. Ayoub Sayeg

Plastischer Chirurg

dr ulku caglayan 541x722 - Our Team
Dr. Ülkü Çağlayan


sinan kaya 541x722 - Our Team
Dr. Sinan Kaya

General Practitioner

doktor erkek 600x799 - Our Team
Op. Dr. Ertan Seçkin

International Customer Service Team

kate 541x722 - Our Team
wisal 541x722 - Our Team