Hair Transplantation Program in Istanbul

Our İstanbul trip program which starts the day before fom operation date we set together and includes the day after is arranged taking into consideration your ease and comfort during the hair transplantation. The main outline of there days program which has been made with aiming your and your relatives satisfactory by our Professional team giving 7/24 assistance service is stated as follow:

1st Day

  • As soon as you have passed through passport control We meet in the meeting point which we have informed you before.
  • Our staff who speaks your language welcomes you with a sign that your name is written and accompanies you to the transfer VIP car. Your transfer will be made to your cilinic or the hotel as your demand.
istanbul isleyis 1 - Operation in İstanbul
istanbul isleyis 2 - Operation in İstanbul
istanbul isleyis 4 - Operation in İstanbul

2nd Day

  • We pick you from your hotel with VIP transfer car at the mentioned time and go to the clinic.
  • Firstly you make pre interview with dermotologist at the clinic.
  • While our doctor is listening your desire, expectation and demands, we make your hair analysis and blood test.
  • If your test results do not have any preventation to the operation, you share your desire and expectations for front hairline with our plastic surgeon.
  • After your doctor listen you, he will make suggestions appropriate for your situation.
  • Once your front hairline is determined , our team of Specialist prepare you to the operation by completing the necessary procedures as hair design, graft calculation, determination of the volume.
  • Your preferred anesthesia method is determined.
  • If you prefer local anesthesia , it is possible to watch TV or listen to the music during the operation..
  • If you prefer sedation, your operations will be applied when you sleep.
  • Grafts which have been taken from donor side will be made ready for hair transplantation with classifying by physiology
  • Our team of Specialist make operation between 6- 8 hours in the special plan for you.
  • After the operation has been completed, we transfer you to the hotel to rest.
istanbul isleyis 3 - Operation in İstanbul
istanbul isleyis 5 - Operation in İstanbul
istanbul isleyis 6 - Operation in İstanbul

3rd Day

  • After the successful operation, we make first washing application by opening the bandage in our clinic.
  • Our package which includes medicines, shampoo, lotion, neck pillow and hat you must use in this process will be presented to you.
  • In this package there are also warranty certificate which is valid for lifetime and information book.
  • After your last controls have been made, at first we arrive in your hotel and transfer you to the Airport after your check-out applications.
  • We are helpful to you for your after operation care in the nearest clinics or phone services while you resume your life with your new hair.