Health Tourism and Points to Consider

Health tourism is developing day by day in our country and all the World. People who want to take advantage of modern medicine facilities in the most appropriate and best conditions are traveling as ‘medical tourists’ in order to recover their health to other places from their residences.

While distinguishing with its specialist Turkish physicians its experienced teams, modern clinics and hospitals, technological tools and equipments, İstanbul is becoming  more and more popular in health tourism with accommodation and reasonable price options.

But, as in all operations, there are some points you must consider before deciding on hair transplantation. The points that you must check and learn before operation are stated as follow:

Who is your doctor?

  • Hair transplantation operations must be performed by an experienced physician and an experienced health team. First of all, you must be sure that your operation will be performed by a physician.
  • When choosing your doctor who will perform the operation, please get information such as your physician’s know-how, experience, and competencies about this field, how many years he has been working in this field and how many operations he has performed during this period.
  • Take into consideration whether your doctor and clinic that perform the operation has internationally recognized certificate about hair transplantation
  • Check whether there is any center where you can get service and assistance before the operation and after the operation in your country or nearby it.
  • Also get information about your doctor and his team. Do not forget hair transplantation is a team work which must be performed under the control of experienced and handcrafted specialist doctor. Request one dermatology, plastic surgean and physiology specialist must be in the team.
  • Making the anesthesia application by an specialist doctor with knowledge of anatomy will is completely prevent the pain. Learn who will perform the anesthetic procedure.

Which technique?

  • In today’s hair transplantation, the doctors perform their operations painless, slitless and fast healing process with FUE and DHI technique.
  • Ask for information about the instruments and equipment used at the operation center as well as the knowledge of your doctor in this technique.
  • Before the operation ask your doctor for any query while you get information about which technique and what kind of method your doctor will perform.
  • Share all the details about yourself in order to not have unwanted complications after operation as the hair transplantation is an important operation for aesthetic appearance and be sure that you have had strong communication progress fulfilling the expectation.

Importance of trip program

  • Get information about how your and your relatives program will be in the country where you go for hair transplantation.
  • Before departing to the trip when you are checking all informations as flight, transfer, accommodation etc ask for contact details of the authorized person to whom you will contact in this process.
  • Ask for all questions about your trip and operation process and get the answers absolutely.