uber uns - About Us

Our clinic, which specializes in the field of hair transplantation and hair treatment methods in the light of Dr. Serdar Çağlayan’s knowledge and experience of 25 years, operates with international standards with an experienced and professional team. Our team, which is specialized in hair transplantation and plastic surgery, provides solutions to the health and aesthetic expectations of our patients with the latest methods in medical technology.

Our center which makes difference in its field with specialized doctors, experienced staff and high quality service leads to all developments in its field with its solution-oriented and innovative character. Hair transplantation process which is special for our clinic  is applied by a team consisting of a plastic surgeon, a physiology specialist, a dermatologist and our patients get healthy hair in a short time.

We have a wide service network with our clinics located in Germany,in the Netherlands, Macedonia and in the United States as well as there is a clinic in Istanbul. You can get a good service in the nearest location to you.

As an important reference point of health tourism; we work in an integrated service manner which takes into consideration the patients’ and their relatives’ comfort during the whole treatment period. You will get an excellent service before and after the surgery and you will be totally satisfied with the results.

Our team welcomes all patients and their relatives as guests. They work to turn all operation period to pleasant and happy moment in targeting  100% satisfactory , with considering each detail as your VİP transfer from Hospitals and hotels , 7/24 assistance service in your language, trip planning.

While we give service to our patients at the highest level, we continue to share our knowledge and experience we get with our international certificates, our publications in the world’s prestigious surgical journals.

We are with you to give health to your hair, add value to your life.